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Welcome to Ravenwood Group Co.

We have been working with the Portland construction community for over twenty years. As an environmentally conscious restoration company, we specialize in remodeling and restoring the beauty of your home while maintaining our commitment to green approaches and products. Our passion is for making work of superior craftsmanship and using our exceptional eye for design, while providing friendly, professional service.

The passion is in the details:

We are extremely meticulous – every angle, material, pattern, and color is considered. We take great pride in our work and in how we leave a space. It is essential for us to leave a space completed, as we know, in our trade the work lasts a lifetime.

Ravenwood is environmentally trained, including ensuring your living environments are 100% lead-free, including paint, dust, and soil.

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FIR (Field Issuance Remodel) Program

Ravenwood has been admitted into the City of Portland’s FIR Program (learn more) which provides several advantages for our remodel project clients:

Simplified permits – Simplifies and streamlines the permitting process

Consistent service – One inspector is assigned to Ravenwood Group so that means that the client will have the same inspector from initial contact until the final inspection, which includes mechanical, structural, plumbing, electrical.

Streamlined authorization – The assigned inspector can authorize and the immediate start of the client’s project by meeting with Ravenwood Group for a job site consultation and evaluation.

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Earth Advantage Home Certified

We are members of Earth Advantage.  The Earth Advantage-certified house incorporates design elements, systems and materials that create superior indoor air quality, use natural resources responsibly, protect land, and lower water usage. Learn more at earthadvantage.org